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Interesting piece on winners and losers due to the coaching change:

As Frank wins, some Nets lose

Portions of the article:
Kenyon Martin:

Frank seemed to have helped Martin remember what he is: A post-up player who is too quick and too strong for most power forwards to handle.

Zoran Planinic:
It wasn't exactly a secret Planinic had a hard time pleasing Scott. When Frank came in, he quickly made his Planinic policy clear: "We're going to give Zoran a chance," Frank said.

Richard Jefferson:
But don't take our word for it. Take Brian Scalabrine's: "I think Coach Frank is going to push RJ more," Scalabrine said. "And it's going to be constant pushing. Byron told RJ what he wanted out of him, but he didn't push him every single day. Coach Frank will."


Jason Kidd:

Whether he had a role in Scott's firing or not, Kidd's protestations of innocence do not appear to have convinced the court of public opinion.

Kerry Kittles:
No one better understood the fragile psyche of Kittles than Scott, a shooting guard himself. And Scott made it a point to constantly encourage Kittles to keep shooting the ball and stay aggressive, no matter what.

Aaron Williams:
Scott loved Williams, and almost always found at least 20 minutes a night for him. Frank seems to be more likely to go with three-guard lineups or use Martin at center, both of which leave Williams with no place to play.
There's more on each player in the article. I just tried to sum it up.

I don't care about the Kidd part, and I don't think the team really does either.

The Planinic part is pretty obvious, but we'll see how long it lasts if he doesn't improve (settle down) quickly.

The Jefferson part is good to hear. He has a world of talent, and if Frank can bring more of it out, then he can be a true all-star.

I hadn't noticed anything with Kittles. I just thought that he's been a shooting slump in the last couple of weeks. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on him in the weeks to come. He doesn't need to be overly-aggressive. He just needs to shoot without hesitation whenever he gets an open look.

I'm hoping that A-Train losing minutes is a result of playing smaller teams, where you can use Rogers or K-Mart at back-up center.

Interesting that there's no mention of the Scalabrine/Rogers situation.

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I think Parks should have held off on writing this article until after the Heat game.

A-Train's drop in minutes is the most surprising development. Maybe he thinks A-Train doesn't do enough in terms of the motion offense or maybe he thinks A-Train's touches take away from K-Mart and RJ's interior touches. I'm curious to find out what the minutes distro will be tonight.

Kittles seemed to agree with his teammates in their satisfaction over Scott's leaving, so is Parks implying Kittles would rather have a smaller role in the offense?

Interesting how Veal refers to Scott as "Byron" while refering to Frank as "Coach Frank". His comments suggest the Nets craved more structure, more direction, maybe even more discipline.

Rogers did have his role returned to him before Scott was fired. Rogers minutes stand out more because A-Train and Veal's minutes have dropped a lot while his minutes have gone up in relation.

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I'm most interested in A-Train's future role. KMart or not, A-Train has the ability to complement almost anyone off the bench. He is a good offensive force on a team that don't have many, although he is inconsistent this season. I think part of his inconsistency had a lot to do with his early season injuries and coaching courosels (sp?). That being said, A-Train was never a very good high-post passer ala Jason Collins and his defense is suspect at best. I won't be suprised if he really gets shuffled to the end of bench although I hope he won't.
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