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Winning Streak vs. Resting Up

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I was just thinking about the consequences of closing out the season with a very large winning streak, vs. resting up the star players.

If the Nets go on a huge winning streak they could possibly pass the Heat for the 2nd seed in the East. Also if they carry that momentum into the playoffs they could do some damage. I care less about individual acheivements, but Coach Lawrence Frank might win COY if he closes out with a 20+ game winning streak. The same goes to Kidd/Carter for MVP chances.

BUT, if they waste all of that energy like they did last year, they might be worn out come playoff time. Getting the 2nd place spot this year is probably equivalent to trying to get the 8th seed last year. We would probably tie Miami at best and only win out because we won the season series.

Then again, our first round match up will be alot easier than last years.

Overall, I think everything depends on how Miami plays. If they continue stuggling we should go for 2nd place, but if they do good than we should just give up and rest for the playoffs.
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IMO rest 'em like the 2nd to last or 3rd to last game.. u dont want them playing game 1 of the playoffs without having played for a week, so they shud play the last game
It was the Nets stars, Kidd & VC who were worn out b/c those 2 had to carry the Nets by themselves & they overloaded w/ too many minutes. This yr is kind of different b/c Kidd & VC aren't wasting too much energy b/c our recent success lies more on collective effort. Don't be too worried. So many teams are fighting for positioning & best records that their key players are playing a lot as well. Every team will be on the same playing field as far as stamina & energy goes. Being rested up doesn't have as big of an impact to winning & losing as people think. Besides if the Nets are able to build huge leads early in games then Frank can distribute the minutes more evenly in the 2nd half of games.
Maybe Cleveland will beat NJ and we won't have to worry about it anyway.
I say they should stretch the streak as far as possible. Look at their upcoming matchups, they clearly have a good chance of taking this streak past 14. They have been all about momentum this year, mid-season, Carter has back problems or RJ gets hurt and doesnt play. Stops all momentum, resulted in 3 - 4 games losing streaks. Frank is doing a good job not keeping these guys in game for all 48 minutes. Going into the playoffs with a 15+ winning streak is sending a message out to the rest of the teams.
Frank seems to playing the guys less minutes in the games. But he is also giving them days off instead of practice every day. I think thats a great technique. Use the games to practice and stay sharp and rest the guys on the days off in between.
I'm concerned with homecourt should we meet up with Cleveland. Frank gives the guys lots of rest between games so I think he'll make sure they're not beat up come playoff time.
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