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Geez the wiz just don't stop making deals... they are extremely active...

Jerry Stackhouse - G (Acquired via trade from DET*)
Brian Cardinal - F (Acquired via trade from DET*)
Ratko Varda - C (Acquired via trade from DET*)
Bryon Russell - F (Free Agent Signing)
Larry Hughes - G (Free Agent Signing)
Jared Jeffries - F (Selected 11th overall, 2002 NBA Draft)
Juan Dixon - G (Selected 17th overall, 2002 NBA Draft)
Rod Grizzard - F (Selected 39th overall, 2002 NBA Draft)
Juan Carlos Navarro - G (Selected 40th overall, 2002 NBA Draft)

Courtney Alexander - G (Traded to NOH**)
Richard Hamilton - G (Traded to DET*)
Hubert Davis - G (Traded to DET*)
Bobby Simmons - F (Traded to DET*)

I would say dat iz pretty good for the wiz....

and now Patrick Ewing will retire next tuesday and come to the wiz... as their assistant coach. Ewing will prolly be able to help haywood, brown, and thomas in their development.

This is beast...

Like Mike Said...

"Just trying to get the pieces together," Jordan answered.

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I think they have done real well, and with some time, I think they will be a hell of a team...

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