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Are you ready for another season of Wizards Basketball?
An Introduction

As we approach another season for the Washington Wizards, things are different.

We are actually coming off a season where the Wizards not only made the playoffs but actually won a seven game series and advanced in the playoffs. Those of you that can remember the last time that happened, lift up your cane and dentures and shout at the top of lungs for me!

All joking aside, I am so excited to see how the new look Wizards will do. There are so many pressing questions surrounding this squad mainly because Larry Hughes is in Cleveland and Kwame Brown is three thousands miles away from DC in the city of angels. In their stead we now have Caron Butler, Chucky Atkins and Antonio Daniels. Ernie Grunfeld also made other transactions which have not gotten as much publicity but nonetheless significant. Grunfeld resigned Michael Ruffin, signed Calvin Booth, allowed the Terappin backcourt of Juan Dixon and Steve Blake to sign with Portland (Blake signed an offersheet), and signed undrafted rookie Donnell Taylor and NBDL journeyman Hiram Fuller.

What will all this mean? Will the Wizards be able to get it to the point where they can break the 50 win bracket and make some serious noise in the East? How will Caron Butler add to the last year's chemistry or will the Wizards take a step back from last year's success? So many questions that need to be answered and only another month until the ball is tipped.

I am in great anticipation in being able to share this great passion of my life with the rest of you this upcoming season.

Until then, let the good times roll.
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