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The Washington Wizards are on the way up in the Eastern conference,and Jordans involvement as a player and a personel guy have been equally as beneficial.

First off as a player Jordan's influence has been resounding,for the first time in 20 years the Wizards team is a viable threat to shake things up in the conference.Last year up until he got injured the wizards were sitting in fifth place in the conference ,yes the Wizards.Michael energized the entire community who had become complacent with failed trades and lottery picks,into a town that actually had winning pro basketball. Up until last year the Wizards were more of an afterthought to the Maryland Terps and the Georgetown Hoyas,but that all changed when Jordan suited up for the first time. From the very first time when he scored 41 points against the Nets in a preseason game the town was ripe with anticipation of a winner. Although they started slowley Jordan and the team began to catch fire rounding into shape and started to actually consider the "P" word that wasn't thought of for many years,meaning playoffs. While not the same explosive athlete he once was his guile and will as well as his leadership thrilled many dormant fans back to the arena for sell-outs nightly. Before the comeback many so called experts thought he was making a mistake thought he would have nothing left as a player and that his team was to inexperienced to win 20 games let alone contend for a playoff spot. But Jordan as is often the case disproved the critics and in one marvelous stretch scored 51 and 45 points back to back. And the young team went on to win 9 games in a row for good measure. Well the only battle that caught up to Jordan was aging legs unable to carry the whole burden of the team. But by the time he went down the team fought gamely the rest of the year narrowly missing the playoffs,There was a period of adjustment to not having Jordan in which they lost several close games, by the time they did make adjustsments they had fallen too far off the pace to make up ground. For all the people that said I told you so about being injured and not making the playoffs that argument doesn't apply if you've lived or worked in the city when there was no hope for winning at all. Now the Wizards are on the map to the fan base,now fans can become excited by possibilities.
This transformation was not done by Jordan the player alone but also by Jordan the executive, his moves were strokes of brillance that turned the Wizards from overpaid and old to exciting with cap room possibilities. He was able to do things as executive that many in the media said was impossible, like trade the overpaid under producing Juwan Howard. Moving Howards huge contract was great in itself but getting back 2 lottery picks in Courtney Alexander and Etan Thomas border on outright theft. There was a sentiment around the league that no one would trade for that contract.Thomas is an emerging star and Alexander was traded to draft a winner like Juan Dixon. Jordan was also able to cut deals with the aging Mitch Richmond ,and Rod Strickland freeing up valuable cap space at the end of next season to be major players in the highly anticipated free agent market. Jordan was also able to swindle the Orlando Magic for Brendan Haywood using Lottery protected first round picks and guard Laron Profit who's no longer in the league. You think the Magic would love to rethink keeping Steven Hunter over Haywood.Brendan was rookie of the month and the Magic are still looking for young big guys .Brendan will start here 10 years or so and could develope into an all-star. Other brillant strokes by Jordan was the drafting of Kwame Brown,who after a rough first year as a highschool player ,but who didn't think a highschool player would struggle,could develpe in a couple more years into a superstar and the cornerstone of the franchise. The drafting of Jared Jefferies and Juan Dixon while not officially picked by Jordan everyone understands who makes the calls in the organization ,were 2 winners who could elevate the team into the playoffs with their winning attitude . Jordans influence on the teams most consistent player Rip Hamilton has been noticeable as well as Rips involvement for the first time in the breakfast clubs an early morning weight lifting session by Jordan and others aimed at being stronger physically as well as mentally is something Rip seemed to shune looking at his frail body,prior to Jordans involvement now embracing the fact that getting stronger is the only thing that holds him back from being an allstar in the league.
For all Wiz fans Jordans involvement has ment a cool breeze in the hot hazy climate that was Abe Pollin and Wes Unseld's mom and pop way of doing business ,Hell I believe he can fly. If he can give us one more year on the court it maybe long enough for the other Wizards to learn to fly also.

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Last year so many people discounted MJ and his return. At the beginning of the season everyone slammed the team and his decision.

At the All-Star break everyone changed their tune but MJ was soon out with injury and it was back to what was being said at the beginning of the season.

Jordan's impact on the team whether he is on the floor or not is evident to fans. That is all we wanted out of last season and that is what we got. This year I am looking for them to build on last year. I don't necessarily believe it will reflect in the win-loss record because almost every other team out there has improved as well, but I think doing well this year will strengthed the foundation MJ hs set.
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