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Things That Annoy Me About The Washington Wizards
  • Gilbert Arenas taking 25 shots and making 5
  • Larry Hughes spazzing out in the air on 3v1's and getting an offensive foul
  • Brendan Haywood's ability to drop every single pass thrown to him
  • Juan Dixon hardly getting any playing time
  • Jared Jeffries starting then getting just 12 minutes of playing time
  • Their logo which looks like a kid's toy logo

Thing That Make Me Happy Me About The Washington Wizards
  • When Brendan Haywood catches the ball
  • When Kwame Brown gets a lot of minutes
  • When Juan Dixon starts
  • Brevin Knight's face [ROFL]
  • Steve Buckhantz quote: "Backbreaker."
  • Retro Bullets Uniforms
  • Christian Laettner aka "Jesus" 10-min long drives to the hoop
  • Etan Thomas's dreads
  • When they actually win a game and smile

just a little rant.

go wiz! :love:

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I dislike-
1.When Hughes takes 3 on 1's by him self and gets the offensive foul:upset:
2.When Haywood can't catch
3.When EJ puts in the 3 guard rotation
4.When EJ starts Hayes
5.When Kwame doesn't start
6.When Kwame doesn't get enough minutes
7.When Juan Dixon shoots the ball every time he gets the ball
8.When Hughes doesn't give the ball to Kwame posting up
9.When they don't show starting line-ups live from court :upset:
10.When Steve Buchantz doesn't say "How do ya like that?!"

I like-
1.When Hayes comes off the bench-more points
2.When Hayes makes points
3.When Buchantz says his cool quotes
4.When Etan makes an assist
5.When every player on the starting 5 scores atleast 10 points
6.When Kwame plays good down low
7.When Haywood catches the ball!!
8.When Arenas and Hughes score points
9.When Arenas makes a dunk
10.When Haywood does his hook shot

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I agree with everything you said othr than Dixon. Hes just as bad as Hughes, Blake, and Arenas imo, just as streaky if not more streaky.

Thats their problem, they have streaky guards that need to put up tons of bad shots to make a few. They are awful distributors for the most part, anybody that watches the Wizards has to see how careless the guards are with the ball. Furthermore, what makes it worse is their playstyle is very selfish, and thats what drives me crazy.

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what i dislike:

- Kwame making all his shots, and playing less than 30minutes
- Haywood not being able to handle a good pass
- Hughes making 33% of his shots
- Hughes having more than 2 offensive fouls
- JJ not being able to put back the ball when he gets an Offensive rebound.

What i like:

-Kwame Dunking
- Kwame getting 30+ minutes
- Arenas getting a triple double
- Hughes making 50% of his shots
- Jarvis hayes taking more shots

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Kwame making all his shots, and playing less than 30minutes

this could be my #1 complaint, and i just dont get what the hell EJ is thinking when he leaves him on the bench most of the game, or they dont go to him after he makes most of his shots in the first half and almost looks dominant. UGHHHHHH!
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