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As a followup to my Butler tidbit that I posted in the Nets game thread ...

Our rotation will be really tough to figure out if we get everyone here at 100% health. Just look at who we have at each position (some listed twice, CAPS are where they'll mainly play):

PG: Arenas/Blake/Knight/Whitney
SG: Hughes/Dixon/Stackhouse/Hayes
C: Haywood/ETAN/Kwame

Out of all of those guys, there is a total of one who we can be pretty sure will get zero minutes: Whitney. He was a dud when he played earlier in the year, and is at a position were we already are very strong. You've also got to figure that Butler's already limited minutes are gone once Stackhouse returns. Despite the fact that Laettner seems to somehow always hypnotize coaches into playing him, I am forcing myself to believe that his recent drug suspension combined with the improving play of our other PFs will reduce his minutes to near zero. Minus those three, we're still left with 11 guys. I'm a big Dixon fan, but he's next on the chopping block. He barely played with just Arenas in the lineup, and with Stackhouse there too, he'll struggle to get court time. Counting those four out, here's what we have:

PG: Arenas/Blake/Knight
SG: Hughes
SF: Stackhouse/Hayes
PF: Kwame/Jeffries
C: Haywood/Etan

The two things that jump out are the three players at PG (one too many) and the lack of a backup SG. For the second problem, I figure that three other guys (Arenas/Stackhouse/Hayes) can and will get SG minutes when needed, so we don't need a specific player to back that spot up.

The PG position is tougher to figure. Arenas is obviously going to be getting heavy minutes there, anywhere from 32-42 MPG depending on how well he's playing. Two players can't back up 6-16 minutes, so who wins the backup PG spot between Knight and Blake? I'm not sure, to be honest -- either way though, based on how they've played so far this year, we have a solid backup PG.

With one of the backup PGs selected, we've cut it down to nine guys, the most players that I think should play in a good rotation. However, outside of the backup PG, is there anyone who we can say doesn't deserve some decent minutes? Whatever is worked out, I'm sure we'll have one or two guys on the bench who would be getting major minutes elsewhere but don't play much for us. Maybe at some point during the offseason, we do a 2-3 for 1 trade to clear up some of the logjam? We're going to have an incoming lottery pick as well, and we aren't even factoring in any off-season signings we go after.

This isn't an immediate problem, as we are likely a month or more away from having to worry about this. I just got to thinking about it when Butler's playing time was mentioned in the game thread, so I decided to post some ramblings about it.

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I agree with your final rotations, but I think Dixon won't be completely cut out of the rotation. Dixon will get playing time, but not a lot--maybe 6, 7 minutes per game, with more or less depending on how well he plays.
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