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Wo do you think well be the number one seed next season kings or lakers?

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Also whats your reason.
Our team or their team hardly changed so its basically up to the lakers and and their health if they want to cruise through the season or fight and try to be number 1.The kings kinda have an advantage over the lakers cause they dont cruise through seasons also tehy have a much more talented bench and a better schedule.

Well the rematch is dec 25 this will be interesting.The kings are such babies and are gonna have so much anger against the lakers.The lakers especially Shaq hate the coach and the kings.Who knows?

AHHHH I hope they dont face eachother in the conference finals.I hope lakers face someone else.Could you imagine if the lakers lost I really cant for some reason.I cant see Shaq and kobe not being in the finals.
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I think the Kings will have the top seed. Don't know why, just a feeling...
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