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no more game threads eh?
ah well, at least we cam away with the win.
big lead early on, and in the 1st it looked like a certain blowout... but again the wolves faultered and gave up the big lead in the 4th to end up winning the game 98-94.
with hassel out, mccants got the start and played well, 17pts and 3 ast's and 2 from 2 from downtown.
KG with a solid 26,15 game and ricky chipped in with 21 and 8.. shot horribly from the field but scored mostly from his free throws.
solid off the bench was justin reed with 13 points, although he did foul out in just 21 mins.

overall could probably have blown the knicks out if we could of held them back after getting ahead early, have to stop losing the 4th quarter... this team needs to play a full 48 minutes every night or they will continue to get run down.

still just glad we didnt lose to knicks i spose.. and a wins still a win.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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