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Do a Crawford,ERob,JYD for Jones,Butler trade?

Miami would get a PG so they can slide Wade to the SG. Losing Butler allows them to move Odom to SF and Erob and JYD give them two solid bench players to improve an area where they are severly lacking right now. Chicago gets a young SF in Butler who seems to be coming around from his knee trouble playing much better in January at around 11 PPG on 45% shooting and a vet SG in Jones. Grab a swingman in the draft to backup Jones so he does not have to play huge minutes and eventually replace him when his contract is up. We do acquire Jones' big contract but we lose the contract of JYD and ERob. Seems to balance out. Throw in the Fizer for Dooling and Ely trade and we seem to be in good shape, no?
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