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Originally posted by <b>twolvefan11</b>!
do you think the spurs would do it if they give them 2 2nd round picks?
No. The Spurs would do it if you give them a player equal of Duncan. As spartansfan223 said "Quality is better than quantity". Even 10 2nd round picks won't make a difference. 2nd round picks have very little value other than they are cheap. Stop adding Quantity and add to the quality of the players in the deal.

and the spurs lineup, descent, still make the playoffs.
That trade would move the Spurs from title contender to lottery team. Ask yourself this question. If KG was hurt and didn't play last year would you have still made the playoffs? Spurs will be in the same shape Minnesota would be minus KG. Even if it is your statement is true why would Spurs GM want to make Minnesota better and his team worse? They are a title contender now.
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