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He left Seattle Friday night with a mild headache. That came from an inadvertent elbow to the head.

By the time Grizzlies center Lorenzen Wright exited practice Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles, he talked about getting over a different ache.

Thanks to Jerome James, the Sonics' frequently less-than-impressive center, Wright has a slightly bruised ego.

James played like Shaquille O'Neal and talked "like he was Michael Jordan or somebody," according to Wright. The result was James helping to pummel the Grizzlies' frontline in a 122-116 loss in KeyArena.

Weak interior defense has dogged the Grizzlies throughout an eight-game road losing streak.

Now Wright is taking responsibility for the Grizzlies' latest problem. He is working on providing a remedy, beginning tonight when the Griz play the L.A. Clippers in Staples Center.

"I'm the veteran out there so I have to take personal responsibility for being more physical on the court," Wright said. "I am the most physical big man that we have so I have to come out and be physical every night.

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Poor Lorenzen, being taunted by Jerome James. That's nearly as bad as the Chris Whitney incident, but Lorenzen earned it. :no:

Our interior defense is a serious issue. Hopefully Wright will come out fired up tonight, and Pau responds to being benched by having a big game.
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