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OK, be honest with yourselves... these are the only guys we trade with anyway :)

Bulls send:

Bulls get:
Lammond Murray
Mo Peterson

Works for the Raptors because they're still starving for up front help and energy. With Carter, Rose, Alvin Williams, Marshall, JYD and Palacio, they've got enough guys to cover spots 1 to 3 even if they give up those two.

Works for the Bulls because we need help at the 2 and 3 and have a glut of big men.


Ideally we then top off this trade by sending Fizer and ERob to the Sonics for Barry and Calvin Booth (thus making the savings even nicer for Seattle and getting us a serviceable, if overpaid big man to replace Fizer and JYD.

One problem with Barry is that his finger is busted up and he's likely to be out a couple of weeks. Executing both of these trades would compensate for that by letting us play MoPete more in the short-run while Barry heals. To close out the season, though, we can move to a lineup like this:

Our New Lineup:
1- Kirk 32, Jamal 16
2- Jamal 20, Barry 28, Gill
3- Pip 16, Peterson 16, Murray 16, Dupree
4- AD 14, Chandler 32
5- Curry 32, AD 14, Booth, Blount

With Booth, Blount, and Peterson picking up more minutes due to the inevitable injuries to Pip and AD and the likely frequent inconsistency of Chandler and Curry.

This set of deals, if it could be accomplished, would add 4 real live NBA quality players that aren't two young or two old to contribute. These guys don't have to be stars or world beaters, just guys who can be competent.
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