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Over than Crawford issues, the biggest question is how much time to give Chandler and Curry.

Interesting enough, any set of twin towers broke into the league the same year as our guys - Brown and Haywood.

These two have struggled as much or more than our guys.

Look like the lighbulb just went on from Brown and maybe both of them.

Haywood in Dec 42% shooting, 3.8 rpg, .92 bpg 5.8 ppg.

Haywood in feb (last 4 games) 50% shooting, 8.3 rpg, 2.75 bpg 12.8 ppg.

Brown in Dec 45% shooting, 5.8 rpg, 8.4 rpg

Brown in feb (last 4 games) 57% shooting, 7.8 rpg, 1.25 bpg 15.3 ppg.

Washington has won 3 of their last 5.

I realize 4 or 5 games is too long to draw a conclusion, but Brown was very solid in Jan, too. And the team looks great of late.

It must be noted that this also roughly coincides with the return of Arenas and Stackhouse. So rather than taking a backseat and scoring less when these 2 vets showed up, it helped matters.

So I would give our young bigs some more time, too. I trust that Paxon is working overtime on how to add more vets around these two rather than taking the easy way out and trading Curry and Chandler for the vets we so badly need.

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The fact that gilbert and and stackhouse are back cant be overlooked. Kwame was coming around anyway but now with more offense on the floor they can afford to have a non-offensive player like haywood out there to just rebound and block shots and they will be a better team for it now and in the future.

But to our bigs we should play them as much as possible , the bulls need Curry's scoring, i've had enough of the "jamal has to go crazy hot for the bulls to win" show.Tyson can do what he is supposed to do and rebound and defend and if were up to me i'd sit davis until he was healthy and try to get by a few games with blount, JYD and fizer at the 4 &5 . the bulls seem healthy enough at the other positions for once. What can it hurt to try this out? And once again try to end the season with a bang"meaningless " or not. The bulls need offense and the 2 young bigs on our team can do it, Curry by being a post up option and tyson by crashing the offensive boards and hustling down court on breaks.
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