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It always occured to me, that when most people talk about the Miami Heat trade, many people call the Memphis Grizzles losers, they seemingly gave up James Posey and Jason Williams to an NBA finals calabar team, for what Eddie Jones? But in truth, James Posey Nor Jason Williams liked or believed in the system. If you do not have players that believe in the system surely you cannot play them right. That limits you as a competive coach, You don't want to play him, but if you want tickets you have too. What the Grizzlies have done here folks, Is turn an impossible situation into a winning one. Eddie Jones now takes part of a young exciting Memphis Grizzlies team, Jason Williams and James Posey are the Heat's problems, and the drafting of Hakim Warrick, and with Pao Gasol still leading the way playoffs is everything but clinched.

31 Shane Battier F 6-8 220 09/09/1978 Duke 4- Shane Battier although critized is a young aggressive power-forward if anyone can teach Hakim how to hit the glass in the NBA he can look for him to beast.
1 Antonio Burks G 6-0 195 02/25/1980 Memphis 1-Antonio Burks is an unknown at least an Unknown if your looking to draft, but the good thing is he is from Memphis and commited could be a point guard that'll push the ball up and down the floor.
35 Brian Cardinal F 6-8 245 05/02/1977 Purdue 5- Brian Cardinal again is a unknown because of harsh Critics but he could prove them wrong this year. Memphis doesn't have many bigs, and If I am not mistaken he'll break out for Memphis
16 Pau Gasol F 7-0 240 07/06/1980 Spain 4-He's only 7'0 yet, he plays as if he is taller then Shaquille O'neal heavily under-rated Pau Gasol has a good jumper for a center, he can protect the ball, he has an okay ball-handle plus he's still young. Now that's a grand play Memphis.
24 Bobby Jackson G 6-1 185 03/13/1973 Minnesota 8-Many know Bobby Jackson as a scorer, that is what he is and that's what he takes pride in, if your the Memphis Grizzlies, you have done an out-standing job of getting what you have lacked A SG capable of getting the job done.
30 Dahntay Jones G-F 6-6 210 12/27/1980 Duke 2-Dahntay Jones played under coach K that's all you need to know about him to like him, he's a quick fast paced Small Forward who can also play shooting guard, He's still young and one of the more respectable projects in the league. Memphis got another young good deal out of it.
6 Eddie Jones - C G-F 6-6 200 10/20/1971 Temple 11- Co-Captain Eddie Jones takes over where James Posey left off, Eddie if you will isn't as agressive of a defender as he used to be, but his 3 point shooting, and nice ball handling ability makes him a good a player as anybody 12 yrs coming into the league.
33 Mike Miller G 6-8 218 02/19/1980 Florida 5- Another offensive guard capable of putting the points on the board, Mike Miller makes you feel proud where-ever you go, Florida had a nice recruiting class, this is the result the man is da bomb for Memphis just 5 yrs into the league and he's making a name for himself.
3 Anthony Roberson G 6-2 180 02/14/1983 Florida R-He's another man out of Flordia, but this man won't get much time and probably won't help (as if there's any help need be) Point shooting guard position.
44 Lawrence Roberts F 6-9 240 10/20/1982 Mississippi State R- Young Lawrence Roberts comes into a guard-oriented team that reminds you of this year's Villanova Wildcats basketball team. Granted he could be a very fine project for Memphis the chances of him being more then that however depend on his play and the coaching staff.
20 Damon Stoudamire - C G 5-10 174 09/03/1973 Arizona 10-The guy is unworthy of being a captain but none the less the position was given to him 5-10 guard from the Jail-blazers Damon Stoudamire gives the team more of that hot streaky shooting that Memphis has so loved to acquire he will be loved by the coaching staff here.
12 Jake Tsakalidis C 7-2 290 06/10/1979 Greece 5- He is experienced but virtually harmless on the NBA court a body in my mind.
21 Hakim Warrick F 6-9 219 07/08/1982 Syracuse R-Hakim Warrick has some really powerful potential in this basketball game, granted if Mike Fratello gave him a little time on the NBA court he could blossom he was one of those Forwards with those freaklishly powerful bodies that could do just about every stunt on the court imaginable, oh and yes Memphis fans he can score.
42 Lorenzen Wright C 6-11 240 11/04/1975 Memphis 9-Lorenzen Wright was noted as a very talented center, and could still be a very talented center if he was else where other then Memphis, in a good solid 5 minutes he could give you guys 7 points and 5 boards, but otherwise the rotation's too big for him to make a series impact.

Overall: After making this article the Memphis Grizzles are 7-5 and are in 3rd in the Southwest division. The reason they are .500? The shooters, the Memphis Grizzles have such a young talented shooting squad, There's no doubt in my mind that the Grizzles make the playoffs, if they can score the basketball fastly, if they can be swift and steady on the defensive end of the court. then there's no reason why this Memphis Grizzlies take the 7th seed and upset the 2nd seeded Phoenix suns in 6 games.

Prediction:45-37 3rd in Southwest 7th in Western conference, Semi Finals Lose to Houston in 5 games.
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