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With a vagueness that only clutters the situation, the Tigers have nudged an issue aside in the apparent hope of having people forget it was ever there.

Because you can't have problems when things are going well.

Problems rock the boat. Problems are a distraction. Problems might be something on which the media harp.

True on all counts.

But problems happen -- and to sweep them under the rug merely piques the interest as to why.

When Dmitri Young was allowed to leave the team last week while the Tigers were in Kansas City, there was no announcement about it from the Tigers.

One day he just wasn't there.

One day, there was a name over his locker, but nobody at the locker. You could have found Waldo easier.

Of course, we know that Young has had a combination of setbacks this season. We know it's not been easy for him, beginning in spring training. We also know that he desperately wanted to help because he's one of the guys who've been through the tough times -- and now suddenly there's hope of a reversal.

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