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Admittedly I don't know much about CFB prospects, but I knew STL was going to take Robinson at 2. However, with Bradford being damaged goods I wanted the Rams to take a QB BADLY...and the QB I wanted was someone who would sell tickets...Johnny Football.

So when the 13th pick rolled around, and I didn't hear the name I wanted, I was pissed. My friends had to convince me that this Aaron Donald fella the Rams took instead of Johnny was a good pick.

I think it's worked out so far.
I thought Isiah Pead was going to be a 1k + running back as a rookie.

Instead he locked himself in his room claiming depression and played CoD (true story).

If you ever want to learn about cbf Rams prospect has some of the most knowledgeable folks you'll likely ever encounter on the subject.
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