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Indianapolis, In - Memphis Grizzlies standout Zach Randolph has been implicated in an Indianapolis drug investigation. A probable cause affidavit has a police informant indentifying Randolph as a major marijuana supplier in Indianapolis.

A stake out on a suspected drug house 2 weeks ago led to 32 year old Arthur Boyd being pulled over in a Cadillac Escalade. The vehicle had marijuana and ammunition inside, and was registered to Randolph.

The Escalade led police to a storage facility where they say Randolph rents four lockers. According to the document, police dogs found controlled substances in two of the four lockers.

John Tompkins, Randolph's attorney, was quoted by 6News saying that Randolph is not connected to any drug activity. He went on to say that the vehicle's secret compartments were a safety precaution for concealing valuables. The Memphis Grizzlies will release a statement supporting Randolph on Thursday, according to Tompkins.

This is not Randolph's first run in with the law. He has a conviction on battery charges dating back to 1997. He was also caught selling a stolen gun in 1999. In 2002 Randolph was charged with underage drinking. Last year he was arrested on charges of drunk driving in Los Angeles.
I was always a defender of Zach, but even when I defended him I knew that there was always a chance some off court action would get him in trouble. Hopefully he wasn't involved, but I won't be to surprise if he is. I don't think weed is to big a deal, but you would think he'd be smarter than that.

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